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Delta Lab is an interdisciplinary research lab and design studio at Northwestern University. Our driving mission is to improve the way we design, work, learn, play, and fundamentally change the way we interact.

Recent Projects

Agile Research Studios

Agile Research Studios studies novel approaches for scaling and improving project-based learning for learning to conduct research within a community.

Situational Crowdsourcing

Situational Crowdsourcing considers challenges in designing, building, and testing technologies to use crowdsourcing and crowdsourced data to improve specific situations and routines through new forms of interaction.


RALEs help students and professionals to overcome knowledge gaps that prevent them from developing high quality software products by making it possible for students to learn from real-world, professional examples.

On-the-go Crowdsourcing

On-the-Go Crowdsourcing studies the design of interactions, algorithms and architectures that conveniently leverage people’s existing mobility and routines for crowdsourcing and self-sourcing.