Agile Research Studios

Agile Research Studios studies novel approaches for scaling and improving project-based learning for learning to conduct research within a community.


Crowdfunding is fundamentally changing the way innovation happens – especially among novices who lack the necessary networks, equity, and track records to acquire critical resources for developing ideas. This project explores how the crowdfunding community supports novices to build tools to increase participation.

The Digital Loft

The Loft is an online community for social innovation projects. Novice innovators use the Loft to learn design, get feedback on their projects, and work to change communities. The Loft develops new model of learning using crowd-feedback, social media and community engagement.

Cobi: Community-based Scheduling

Cobi is a crowd computing system that engages an entire academic community in planning a large-scale conference. Cobi elicits community members’ preferences and constraints, and provides a scheduling tool empowering organizers to take informed actions toward improving the schedule.

Pair Research

Academic research is hard. While collaboration and help-seeking can boost productivity and produce better research, few mechanisms in academic research directly promote and facilitate it. To increase productivity, informal learning, and collaborations within and across research groups, we have been experimenting with a new kind of interaction that we call pair research.