habitsourcing teaser

Situational Crowdsourcing considers challenges in designing, building, and testing technologies to use crowdsourcing and crowdsourced data to improve specific situations and routines through new forms of interaction. Projects center around three concepts: (1) habitsourcing, which is the idea of helping people develop personal habits through immersive experiences while leveraging habits as data collection opportunities; (2) physical games with a purpose, which creates new forms of affordance-aware physical gameplay that is powered by crowdsourced data and that collects additional data as a side-effect of physical interactions with objects in an environment; (3) spectator-sourcing, which engages live spectators at sporting events to provide tailored motivational support to athletes when they need it the most, and to help coaches understand trends in their players and during live games.

habitsourcing interactionsExamples of Habitsourcing interactions for collecting tree and fire hydrant locations. Audio cues elicit user actions from which we can collect location and motion data (e.g. GPS, accelerometer) from which we can infer object locations.


Yongsung Kim
Leesha Maliakal
Christina Kim
Frank Avino
Henry Spindell
Jennie Werner
Katherine Lin
Scott Cambo
Shawn Caeiro
Haoqi Zhang